Green Fund of World GDP to end immediately with Hunger, Overpopulation and Global Warming

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Our actions in the immediate decades to come may involve the risk of a disruption of economic and social activity for the rest of this century and the next, on a scale similar to that of the Great Wars and the Great Depression due to Global Warming. This is the conclusion of the report of the economist Sir Nicholas Stern commissioned by the UK government and published on 30 October 2006.

Its main conclusions are that an investment equivalent to 1% of world GDP is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and that if this investment is not made the world would be exposed to a recession that could reach 20% of global GDP. The report also suggests the imposition of ecotaxes to minimize socio-economic imbalances.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) proposed to allocate 2% of the annual global GDP applied: 0.5% to sectors of natural capital (forests, agriculture, freshwater and fisheries); 1% to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (mainly applied to construction, industry and transport), and the remaining percentage to waste and public transport.

With 2% of the world’s GDP, 500 billion dollars per year can be used to end hunger, pandemics and alleviate extreme poverty worldwide. Also activate a plantation program of 30 billion trees per year to capture CO2 in the trunks and then bury them, returning to 350 ppm of this greenhouse gas free in the atmosphere and returning to global climate normalcy. It will also be possible to invest heavily in fusion reactors to replace the energy matrix by displacing thermoelectric plants that burn gas, oil and coal. And accelerate the manufacture of cars to hydrogen and electric.

To coordinate global tasks will require a Planetary Eco Government under the system of Global Direct Digital Democracy, advised by a Council of Sciences composed of scientists from five continents. The Global Positive Change will further expand planetary citizenship rights and impose English as a second international language.


In order to integrate 2% of world GDP, new taxes can be imposed or reallocated. $ 1 trillion is available in subsidies to the oil, coal, and gas sector on an annual basis. And the armies of the planet spend 2 trillion dollars per year. Having a planetary army would save 1 trillion.

The secondary objective is to combat drug trafficking, terrorism, trafficking in persons and organized corruption. All society will tend to stabilize to a new level of higher order on a new concept of greater equilibrium with Nature in a decontaminated planet with a human population tending towards stability.







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An unexpected future

According to Dr. James Hansen and 16 other scientists who endorse his paper, it is enough that the global average temperature increases by 1º C so that the melting of both poles accelerates and the oceans rise to 8 meters. This may happen in 2050 and not in 2100. Much earlier, perhaps in 2040 or 2030, when the water rises the first 20 to 30 centimeters the prices of real estate on the coast will collapse, because it will be evident that the Global Flood will be irreversible and soon the levels will rise from several meters, flooding everything ... Then the properties on the coast will be worth zero. And this will have repercussions on the global stock markets due to rebound effect, as this will affect the valuation of physical assets and also affect the value of world currencies ... No one is foreseeing and taking it seriously and with responsibility.

Plant a 30 Billions Trees