It miss the oxygen in 80 years


According to a study, the decrease in tropical phytoplankton in the water surface affect the planet.

Humanity within 80 years could have problems with the lack of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere due to the decrease in tropical phytoplankton in the water surface, according to a study by scientists at the University of Michigan, United States.

In the research, the team of scientists showed that by studying the surface of the oceans of the world, observed the effect of increased water temperature on the metabolism of plankton, one of the main sources of atmospheric oxygen that would be affected by the end of this century, according to the agency office AVN

In studies 130 species of phytoplankton, especially areas of development in the temperate climate zone and in the waters near the polar circle, leading biologists to conclude that the phytoplankton to reproduce at temperatures lower than the temperature were examined half of the year.

According to the preliminary findings of scientists, tropical species of phytoplankton are more sensitive to global warming.

Because of these processes of climate change and rising temperatures throughout the tropical plankton in the area you may be cornered at the poles, where it also runs the risk of disappearing.

The researchers concluded that after eight decades oxygen depletion acquire a critical state, which has negative implications not only in all the marine life, but also in earthly life.


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