August 13, 2015: Day the Earth Excess


The Day the Earth Excess mark the approximate date on which the annual demand of humanity on nature exceeds what the Earth can renew in a year. This year the Day of Excess Earth was on August 13, 2015. Each year, the Day of Earth Excess happens earlier as we demand more and more of our small planet. 15 years Day the Earth Excess ago, in 2000, it occurred in October.

The ecological overshoot is only possible for a limited time before ecosystems begin to degrade and possibly begin to collapse, as we experience water scarcity, desertification, soil erosion, reduced crop productivity, overgrazing, deforestation, rapid species extinction, the collapse of fisheries, and a higher concentration of carbon in the atmosphere.

For more information contact the Global Footprint Network (

To learn more about the subject enter few days after the Day of Excess Earth



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