Bill Gates: “We need a Planetary Government”


The United Nations was born in October 1945, shortly after the end of World War II. Technically, the UN replaced the League of Nations, which itself was created in 1920, fourteen months after the end of the First War. The idea in both cases was the same: maintaining world peace and prevent large-scale armed conflicts arise. It goes to say, the feeling is that they have done a great job. The League of Nations lasted just over 25 years, and the UN had to give prominence to NATO due to the effects of the Cold War. In other words, at the time of its creation these organizations had to war as the main element. And there are those calling for its dissolution, or at least drastic reforms to change both their profiles and their objectives. Who joins the list of speakers? None other than Bill Gates.
Gates stressed the need for a world government to address climate change and epidemics

Philanthropist spoke to German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, and as proof behind their reasoning invoked the Climate Change Conference 2009 that was held in Copenhagen. This conference has been classified as one of the most spectacular failures in the modern era of the UN, and soiled due to espionage by the United States, which were revealed by Edward Snowden files. Gates said that “we have the UN and NATO,” prepared for war and security, but also wondered what happens when epidemics, and how many planes, doctors, tents and other emergency systems available . Finally, he added that with the existence of a global government, the world would be better prepared.

It is not the first time someone in a position of power makes the call to form a world government, and we are convinced that not be the last. The underlying question is whether Bill Gates is the right person to make that call. We all know well their current activities and strategic investments but also in Microsoft know their past, and some never left the CEO image completely. If we let these details aside, the main barrier to a change of this magnitude is, as always, the political class. Unfortunately, such high-level changes are usually after tragedies, and our “fearless” leaders ignore them until it is too late.
Source: Huffington Post (German)


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