Global warming will cause losses Hundred Trillion U$S


GSI-“Start fast, comprehensive and efficient to give fundamental solution to the problem of climate change solutions and predation of the environment in general, is a matter of absolute survival. It is not a moral or ethical cause. If you do not perform the necessary actions in due time, enough to renew the harmony between humanity and nature, as a result ecomómicas quantifiable losses will occur in no less than 100 trillion dollars over the next hundred years and millions of people die intelligence because of the extent of drought, lack of food and drinking water, with flooding of coastal areas, “said Roberto Gomes owner of Global Solidarity International promoted by the Planetary Government Eco Project.

“The Living Planet Index-which measures more than 10,000 critical populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish-has fallen by 52% between 1970 and 2010. Latin America has lost 83% of the populations of fish, birds, mammals , amphibians and reptiles in the last 40 years. At the same time the demand for resources we put on natural sources already exceeds 50%, than the planet can renew and projections about the future, due to the growth of overpopulation and increasing the quality of life, mark a worsening picture. By 2030 the pressure on nature will be 100% above the planet’s capacity by 2050 and 200%. Clearly, we are running our world stocks to extract the basic elements of our livelihood, “he said.

He further stated that “while demand grows geometrically, desertification, ocean pollution and the loss of vital water resources expands. All this tells us that we are reaching the “Earth Hour”, where food will be scarce and pandemics will return. ”

“Five of the six warmest years – said since 1971, ie in 44 years, there have been in this century. At the same time, it stressed the difference between the 2015 and 2006, which is the second warmest, is 0.89 degrees centigrade; and 2010 was the third warmest least 0.1 ° C warmer than 2006. The next, 1994 was 0.18 ° C less warm than the last. We have gone through the solar minimum and last for a period of volcanic eruptions emit sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, which is a cooling agent. This explains the break occurred in previous years in the growth curve of global warming. Now again we are seeing the real effects. ”

About global CO2 emissions, he said that “the current average emissions in the atmosphere hovers around 400 ppm, or 0.040%, with some day-night variations, seasonal by human hand and localized pollution peaks. The increase has been 0.5 ppm / year in 1960 to 2 ppm / year in 2000, with a minimum of 0.43 in 1992 and a maximum of 3 ppm in 1998. At this rate by 2030 we will have reached 440 fateful threshold ppm or 450 ppm, with the consequence of an increase in global temperature of 2 ° Celsius and probably 5th at the poles. Anthropogenic emissions increase 1.7% per year. In 1990 they were issued 20,878 Gt / year of CO2. By 2015 it is estimated that 40,000 will issue Gt / year. In 25 years we have doubled the level of contamination. This level of CO2 in the air there was from 2.1 million years ago. And according to the International Energy Agency, CO2 emissions will increase by 130% by 2050 “.

As for the claims of the “deniers”, he said that “Laboratory tests show carbon dioxide absorbs longwave radiation. Satellite measurements confirmed that there are fewer long wave radiation that escapes into space in the wavelengths where the carbon dioxide absorbed. The result of this imbalance is the accumulation of heat over the past 40 years. The Greenhouse makes the atmosphere return back to Earth 333 W / m².Globalmente the surface of the Earth absorbs solar energy amounting to 161 w / m and the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere receives 333 w / m, totaling 494 w / m, and the surface of the Earth emits (or in other words lost) a total of 493 w / m (which are broken down into 17 w / m sensible heat, 80 w / m latent heat of evaporation water and 396 w / m infrared energy), a net heat input of 0.9 W / m, which at the current time is causing global warming ”

He added that “the so-called Keeling curve shows the continued growth of CO2 in the atmosphere since 1958. It collects measurements Keeling on Mauna Loa volcano observatory. These measurements were the first significant evidence of the rapid increase of CO2 in the atmosphere and attracted worldwide attention on the impact of emissions of greenhouse gases invernadero.El is essential for life on the planet: without CO2 and water vapor (without the greenhouse effect) the average temperature of the Earth would be about 33 ° C less on the order of 18 ° C below zero, which would make it impossible vida.Del total CO2 emitted only 45% remains in the atmosphere, about 30 % it is absorbed by the oceans and the remaining 25% goes to the terrestrial biosphere. Therefore not only the atmosphere is increasing CO2 concentration, is also happening in the oceans and biosphere “.

He said that “in the last century the global average temperature has increased about 0.8 ° C, and since early 1975 increased by approximately 0.15 ° C. According to the IPCC end of the century the temperature will increase by 2-3 ° C. It is a sharp temperature drop, as occurred during the last 10,000 years and will not allow 30% of species to adapt and therefore survive. ”

“The oceans absorb together- said third of human emissions of CO2. Since the industrial era have been burdened with a total of 120 × 109 tons of the gas emitted by burning fossil fuels. This increase of CO2 in the oceans causes a decrease of pH of water making it more acidic and reducing the concentration of carbonates. This affects marine life, particularly crustaceans and molluscs that use calcium carbonate for the manufacture of their exoskeletons. Even plankton may be indirectly impacted. ”

On the domino effect he said “global warming reduces the ocean circulation and surface water layers become saturated with CO2 and may not already hold. As the hot water in direct proportion decreases the CO2 retention ratio per liter of seawater. This results in the accumulation of atmospheric CO2 will experience a jump and a sudden rise in temperature will occur around the globe. But the arrest of ocean currents is considered highly unlikely by the 2007 IPCC report, which says nothing about the gradual warming of the water. ”

Deposits of methane gas hydrates, when released, can dramatically change the overall average tgemperatura in through 6th and 12th C at the poles. Gomes says that “in the case of methane, its cumulative greenhouse effect is 72 to 20 years: a mass equal in the atmosphere, methane trap 72 times more heat than CO2 over the next 20 years, 25 in the next 100 and 7.6 years in the next 500 years. ”

The submarine methane feedback is starting “flight seafloor methane is much more widespread in the US Atlantic margin than previously thought. It is associated with a phenomenon of rising temperatures that until now had been identified only in Arctic waters, according to a study by researchers at Mississippi State University and the US Geological Survey. Methane plumes identified in the marine area between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Georges Bank, Massachusetts, are emanating from at least 570 points of cold emanation of the seabed in the outer continental shelf and continental slope. These cold seeps are areas where gases and liquids seep into the water overlying sediments “.

The IPCC projects an increase of 2 ° C and a rise in ocean levels of 1 meter fun-century, but the recent report by former NASA scientist, Dr. James Hansen says that with only 1 ° C over the waters will rise up 8 meters, at the latest within 50 years. He justifies this with what happened in the Eemian, 100,000 years ago.

Gomes concluded that “to overcome this new picture of the situation, which puts us in” planetary emergency “they lack capital intensive, such as mobilized during World War II. The message is that, for free, it will not solve environmental problems. In that sense from GSI we propose the Green Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP, annually, to meet this demand, or saving option Planetarium Army $ 1 trillion per year, among all countries that adhere to the new coalition. Extraordinacia has created a situation that requires extraordinary resources. The cost is two billion dollars per year. Either that, or chaos within two decades. Consider that only the United States has 1,700 coastal locations. The world’s major cities are coastal and including hundreds of millions of people live. When flooded where will they go? What they eat? What they drink? Where do they lie? I repeat the same thing, this is a matter of survival and pure logic. Do you have or do not have reason Dr. Hansen?. ”

* According to the WHO die from air pollution 7 million people a year prematurely. Calculating thousand dollars per month and per year for 30 years for each of these victims, this means a total loss of $ 2,520,000,000,000 for the global system.


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