Islamic Declaration promotes moral arguments for action on climate change


This statement makes a strong call to decision makers to change their investment into a clean, sustainable and low-carbon future that is away from fossil fuels.

Gland, Switzerland (August 18, 2015). – Islamic leaders and experts have issued an Islamic Declaration on climate change. About Tasneem Essop, Leader Marcos Low Carbon Development (Low Carbon Frameworks) of the Global Climate and Energy Initiative of WWF, said:

“The message from Islamic leaders and experts promotes the moral aspects of global climate debate and marks an important milestone in terms of climate leadership from religious groups.

“Climate change is no longer just a scientific issue, it is now increasingly moral and ethical issue. It affects life, livelihoods and rights of all, especially the poor, marginalized and vulnerable communities.

“Most religions see people as the guardians of the natural world. And it is in this spirit that care for the environment is a moral duty. This statement reflects the Islamic basis for this concept. WWF, as an organization that oversees the care and conservation of the environment, moves by the same urge to have a world in which humans live in harmony with nature, in a framework of equity and solidarity. The expressions of solidarity from representatives of other religious, such as the Catholic Church movements, the Hindu religion, Judaism, and the Lutheran Church, sent a clear message about the need for unity and cooperation to overcome the global challenge of climate change.

“Only by working hand in hand we can save the planet, its extraordinary biodiversity, and ensure a prosperous future for each and every one of us future. This statement makes a strong call to all Muslims around the world to take urgent and immediate in terms of changes in their lifestyles actions. It also calls on decision makers to change their investment into a clean, sustainable and low-carbon future that is away from fossil fuels. ”


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