Latin American youth joined the Initiative by the Green GSI Solidarity Fund 2% of GDP


Young Latin American influence in its proposals for the negotiations of climate change summits Green Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP that drives GSI, Global Solidarity, to end hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming in the project “Eco Government Planetary”.
Youth organizations of the Latin American Civil Society see the need for the transition to a global green economy has an ethical framework as the basis and the principles defined in the Earth Charter and Agenda 21: respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, gender equality, economic justice, democracy and a culture of peace. And the United Nations is committed to these principles and promote among its members.
Proposals and abstracts
We aspire to build a model of green, supportive and creative economy, based on respect for natural resources and individuals in society. To do consider it essential that governments:
Regarding inclusive Green Economy Push forward projects for youth and all sectors of both urban and rural population, generating decent green jobs and opportunities for participation; Promote responsible consumption; Ensure the control and the criminalization of cleaner production companies through a system of incentives and rewards for those who carry forward good practices; Create new indicators to measure the level of development and / or income countries, including variables that measure improvement in the quality of life of people and the environment where these are developed; Fund and / or accepted as part payment of debt recovery projects and conservation of biodiversity; Foster responsibility and control in the mining and hydrocarbon production. Earmark 2% of world GDP in the transition towards a green economy in the context of poverty reduction; In terms of participation and access to information Produce and disseminate accessible information on technical language and terms to ensure the informed participation of the community and make effective the right of access to information; Produced sustainability reports to measure and report their economic, social and environmental impact and account compliance with international commitments; Create local Youth Councils to monitor the commitments made by states at all levels, thus ensuring the participation of youth in decision-making spaces and processes of construction of public policies, especially in relation to the administration of natural resources.
Zero Waste Regarding Adopt the concept of zero waste target for the whole community, the whole production process and all economic activity. Ensure compliance of the precautionary principle in the development and marketing of new products by companies; Develop sustainable management systems MSW through: The separation of these wastes by the entire community; The eradication of common garbage containers to replace distinct separation systems; Creating recycling centers at local level; The implementation of public policies on education and awareness to reduce waste production; The creation and implementation of municipal solid waste laws involving companies and controllers do the same.
In environmental education mandatory Asuman and responsible planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of environmental education at all educational levels, in different ways, cross, multicultural, inclusive, universal and free; Generate Global Action Plan where strategies, principles, goals and indicators are defined in environmental education in both formal and non-formal spaces, with the participation and expertise of civil society organizations; • Adopt Environmental Education as a process and recovery space cultural traditions and respect for the territorial identity, including and empowering vulnerable groups. In terms of technological development and renewable energies create an international center to support the generation, transfer, deployment and dissemination of sustainable and appropriate technologies; Significantly increase the incentives and investment in sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy, decreasing as urgent and a priority investment in non-renewable energy or high impact on the environment; Respect, protect and revalue ancestral knowledge of technologies, recognizing the intellectual property of indigenous communities; Develop a protocol for the evaluation and approval of new technologies as prior to implementation and dissemination requirement. In terms of cities and sustainable communities • Adopt the concept of Cities for People, based on social and spatial integration; incorporating principles of ecological land use and zoning; Encourage private investment in public infrastructure, transport and awareness programs; Promote an international agreement to promote sustainable modes of transport, including cycling as a preferred transportation in cities; Enhance and promote practices and trends in sustainable urban culture as fairs, solar collectors, rainwater collectors, urban agriculture, domestic processes gray water recycling and sustainable design and architecture; In agriculture Reduce transgenic productions and derivatives in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of people; • Raise, revalue and protect traditional cultures of their peoples; Allocate funds and create incentives for the development of sustainable agriculture projects that help improve production and dignify the work of rural communities.
Legislation regarding ratify and enforce the agreed time protocols and international treaties signed; Den institutional hierarchy at the highest level to the national environmental authority, including mainstreaming and breadth of competencies; Instrumented effectively signed treaties and international environmental agreements through the formulation of laws and regulations.
We as young people have been working on these proposals and take responsibility to redouble efforts. We hope to receive your support in the same way we offer our energy. The paradigm shift is an urgent need and demand for a joint effort.


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