A key point in the negotiations of the Paris Protocol, which comes into force in 2020, is to increase the commitments of the parties to their pre-2020 reductions in emissions As already outlined, the IPCC estimated in its V Report that the amount of Greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere yet to stay in a temperature increase of 2 ° C is about 1,000 Gt. Based on this goal, UNDP established that to stay within the path of no more than 2, in 2020 emissions should not exceed 44Gt; however, current reduction commitments is estimated that 54GT is reached.

We conducted the following chart with the intention of offering a clear, albeit reduced, the magnitude of the problem of vision. In 2012 69% of emissions are concentrated in five groups of states. Only those five groups of states in their commitments presented in 2020 raise continue to consume 65% of global emissions budget.

As the G77 noted, among other groups, closing the gap in emissions by 2020 is essential to create a basis of mutual confidence ahead of the Paris negotiations, and avoid having to bear higher costs and long-term risks. In the Lima Summit it was agreed that:

Noting with serious concern the significant gap between the aggregate effect of the mitigation pledges of Parties in terms of global annual emissions of greenhouse gases in 2020 and the path to be followed aggregate emissions that there was a high probability of keeping the increase in global average temperature below 2 ° C or 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels,
Reiterates its invitation to all Parties to submit their contributions provided nationally determined well before the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties (in the first quarter of 2015, in the case of Parties to do so) in a way that facilitates the clarity, transparency and understanding of these contributions
It agrees that the tax determined nationally each Party actually envisaged to achieve the objective of the Convention, as set out in Article 2, they must represent an advance over existing commitments of that Party.


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