Contact to Antonio Guterres, Secretary of the United Nations


Dear Secretary General Antonio Guterres
United Nations
We will be sincerely grateful if we can answer our concerns. We urge international Green Initiative Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP annually, for an immediate end to the scourges of hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming. We also propose a centralized administration in the form of an Eco Coalition Government Planetarium presidential mandate controlled by a system of Global Digital Direct Democracy. We think this is a positive change that the world needs now.


Eco government Planetarium: United Nations implemented through the system of Digital Direct Democracy a plebiscite for the creation of a Planetary coalition government, for adoption there will be a vote of 50% plus one vote of all citizens enabled the world.

Such centralized government will incumbencies on global issues such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic natural resources, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, wars, human trafficking, the defense of universal human rights , combating drug trafficking and corruption.

It will have a budget equivalent to 2% of global GDP annually. The planetary president will mandate for 4 years and may be reelected for a second term. Parliament shall consist of all citizens of the globe by Direct Digital Democracy, assisted by a Science Council, composed of scientists.

The planetary government will have as a priority mission to eradicate hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit curb global warming in the short term.


With 2% of global GDP, annually, he may:
1. Abolish extreme poverty across the Earth, forever
2. No more no child die of hunger and preventable diseases.
3. flourish forests, 30 billion trees will be planted each year.
44. technology to stop polluting is renewed.
5. The fleet will be replaced by another hydrogen.
6. alternative energy be developed to replace oil and coal.
7. oceans decontaminated.
8. Amazonia is saved.
9. overpopulation will be limited.
10. There will be games for environmental disasters.
11. combat terrorism.
12. It combat international drug trafficking.
13. Organized crime and corruption are desarm.
14. ecosystems will be preserved.

With Eco Planetarium Coalition Government in which countries will be added progressively, there will be a single Army at a cost of $ 1 trillion / year in total and national armies dissolve. This will allow savings of about US $ 1 trillion per year additional S, as the armed forces of all countries together spend nearly 2 trillions per year. At the same time it will definitely secured world peace.


1. 500 billion U $ S / year to eradicate hunger, disease and alleviating extreme poverty.
2. 100 billion U $ S / year to plant 30 billion trees per year and capture CO2 in the trunks and regulate the climate.
3. 250 billion U $ S urgently to accelerate the development of fusion reactors and replace today’s energy matrix based on oil and coal.
4. 100 billion U $ S / year to clean up the oceans and fish stocks recover.
5. 3 billion U $ S / year to develop technology to divert asteroids that could impact Earth.
6. 1 Billion U $ S / year for the development of warp drive ship NASA
7. A trillion U $ S / year to finance Army Planetarium replace national.
8. 250 billion U $ S for environmental disasters.
If these ideas are understood in their rationale can be applied and obtained benefits. It is very important that the political and scientific community issue an opinion on this plan and vision. There are now two ways: 1) wait 100 years to solve problems; 2) resolve now assuming responsibly the challenges of the time.

What is needed for this World Positive Change?

The Master Plan should be presented and discussed at the United Nations. Then convene a global referendum to approve by a simple majority the creation of Eco Coalition Government Planetarium and the system of Global Digital Direct Democracy. All we will ensure that the participation in the improvement of a new world of freedom and responsibilities in the service of planetary citizens.

We want to consult What are the steps that must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the United Nations that this project can be raised for consideration by the assembly of the member countries ?. Grateful we can answer this concern.

We think the solutions cop21 be too slow and shallow to stop the inertia of the climate change. And by 2030 we will consume 50% more power, 30% more energy and food will be closer to 450 ppm of CO2. We have an opportunity to act now!


Arch. Roberto F. Gomes


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