Dear Mr. Ambassador of France in Argentina
Jean-Michel House:
SE, is not very pleasant this opportunity to extend our greetings and wish you great success during its entire operation in our country, Argentina.
We appeal to your kindness to special through you His Excellency the President of France, Francois Hollande, becomes aware of Project Eco Government Planetarium and the Solidarity Fund 2% of GDP (to end hunger, extreme poverty and global warming) to expose during cop21 Paris Summit, where the leaders discussed the issues of climate change and added to the agenda of the discussions.
We are facing an extraordinary situation, which is necessary to resort to alternative channels to fill and streamline management that is necessary. Such urgency is:
“Avoid the temperature increase plus two degrees Celsius is not enough,” concluded Dr. James Hansen, climate change expert and former NASA scientist. As explained in their study published in the journal European Geoscience Union, 1 degree over global warming could be catastrophic for humanity, because in just 50 years, the sea level will rise 3-8 meters.
* This report, once collated and confirmed by the scientific community, changes the picture of the situation on climate change and puts us in planetary emergency since we are close to reach 1 over global average temperature. Hence the need for extreme measures such as emergency and intensive Solidarity Fund 2% of world GDP and Eco Government Planetarium. We face a global flood box, where 1 2030 average temperature over the first 30 centimeters and ocean elevation reached. To avoid this you need to go to zero net emissions by 2025, replacing the entire energy matrix. Here we will need to fund capital-intensive and a political and economic coordination, in ecological terms, on all countries globally.
Eco Government Planetarium: United Nations implemented through the system of Digital Direct Democracy a referendum for the creation of a Planetary coalition government, for whose approval will have the vote of 50% plus one vote of all citizens enabled the world.
Such centralized government will incumbencies on global issues such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic natural resources, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, wars, human trafficking, the defense of universal human rights , combating drug trafficking and corruption.
It will have a budget equivalent to 2% of global GDP annually. The planetary president will mandate for four years and may be reelected for a second term. Parliament shall consist of all citizens of the globe through Direct Digital Democracy, advised by a Science Council, composed of scientists.
The planetary government as priority mission will end hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit stop global warming in the short term.

With 2% of global GDP, annually, it will be able to:

1. Abolish the extreme poverty in all the earth, forever
2. No more no child dies of hunger and preventable diseases.
3. flourish forest, 30 billion trees will be planted.
4. stop polluting technology to be renewed.
5. The fleet will be replaced by other hydrogen.
6. alternative energy be developed in replacement of oil and coal.
7. oceans decontaminated.
8. Amazonia is saved.
9. overpopulation is limited.
10. There will be games for environmental disasters.
11. combat terrorism.
12. It will combat international drug trafficking.
13. Organized crime and corruption are desarticulará.
14. ecosystems will be preserved.
With Eco Planetarium Coalition Government, in which countries will be added progressively, there will be one army at a cost of $ 1 billion / year in total and national armies dissolve. This will allow savings of about US $ 1 billion per year additional S, as the armed forces of all countries together spend nearly 2 billion per year. At the same time it will definitely secured world peace.
1. 500 billion U $ S / year to eradicate hunger, disease and alleviating extreme poverty.
2. 100 billion U $ S / year to plant 30 billion trees and logs capture CO2 and regulate climate.
3. 250 billion U $ S urgently to accelerate the development of fusion reactors and replace today’s energy matrix based on oil and coal.
4. 100 billion U $ S / year to decontaminate the oceans and fish stocks recover.
5. 3 billion U $ S / year to develop technology for diverting asteroids that could impact Earth.
6. Billion U $ S / year for the development of warp drive ship NASA
7. A billion U $ S / year to finance Army Planetarium replace national.
8. 250 billion U $ S for environmental disasters.

If these ideas are understood in its rational basis may apply and the benefits obtained. It is very important that the political and scientific community issue an opinion about this plan and vision. There are now two ways: 1) wait 100 years to solve problems; 2) resolve now assuming responsibly the challenges of the time.
What is needed for this World Positive Change?
The Master Plan should be presented and discussed at the United Nations. Then convene a world referendum by a simple majority to approve the creation of the Eco Coalition Government Planetarium and the system of Global Digital Direct Democracy. All so we will ensure participation in the development of a new world of freedom and responsibilities in the service of planetary citizens.
Undoubtedly reduce carbon emissions is good for the health of the global environment, but to achieve zero net emissions and proceed to decontaminate it is much better.
The problem today with the peaks of climate change is that politicians are psyched with the equation of not exceeding 2 degrees Celsius average global temperature over. This threshold popularized the scientist James Hansen, the same as we now warns that this is not enough and that it is sufficient that the temperature 1 more rise to the oceans to amount between 3-8 meters in less than 50 years, as they did Eeminiano in the period, about 100,000 years ago.
React and apply new information equivalent to an investment of hundreds of billions of dollars per year. If this does not all coastal cities will be flooded irreversibly ago. And the economic damage will amount to an impact of $ 100 billion in losses and the effect of cost 10 billion per year because of global warming by 2050.
From GSI, Global Solidarity, Solidarity proposed the Green Fund 2% of world GDP to solve the problem of global warming by the hunger and extreme poverty. It is an effort that must be made between all countries and ensure the future of peace for everyone.
Pdf attach files to be presented to the cop21

Arch. Robert F. Gomes


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