Dear The Prince of Wales, Charles:

Due to Climate Change dark clouds on the horizon of our future medium-term approach. This is cause for serious concern about the future of our children and on earth inherit what and under what conditions.

¿Planetary emergency?

Prevent the temperature from rising two degrees Celsius more is not enough, Concluded Dr. James Hansen, climate expert and former NASA scientist change. As Explained in Their study published in the journal European Geoscience Union 1 degree over the global warming Could be catastrophic for humanity, Because in just 50 years, the sea level will rise 3-8 meters.

* This report, eleven collated and confirmed by the scientific community, Changes the picture of the situation on climate change and puts us in planetary emergency since we are close to reach 1 over the global average temperature. Hence it the need for Extreme Measures: such as emergency and intensive Solidarity Fund 2% of world GDP and Eco Government Planetarium.


Eco Government Planetarium: Implemented Through the United Nations system of Digital Direct Democracy a referendum for the creation of a coalition government Planetary, for Whose approval will Have the vote of 50% plus one vote of all Citizens enabled the world.

Such centralized government will incumbencies on overall issues: such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic nature resources, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, wars, human trafficking, the defense of universal human rights, Combating drug trafficking and corruption.

It will Have a budget equivalent to 2% of global GDP Annually. The planetary president will mandate for four years and May be reelected for a second term. Parliament Shall consist of all Citizens of the World Through Direct Digital Democracy, Advised by a Science Council, Composed of scientists.

The planetary government as priority mission will end hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit stop Global warming in the short term.

With 2% of global GDP, Annually, it will be Able to:
1. Abolish the extreme poverty in all the earth, forever
2. No more no child dies of hunger and preventable diseases.
3. flourish forest, 20 billion trees will be planted.
4. stop polluting technology to be Renewed.
5. The fleet will be Replaced by other hydrogen.
6. alternative energy be developed in replacement of oil and coal.
7. oceans decontaminated.
8. Amazonia is saved.
9. overpopulation is limited.
10. There will be heading for environmental disaster.
11. combat terrorism.
12. It will combat international drug trafficking.
13. Organized crime and corruption are you desarticulará.
14. ecosystems will be preserved.

We led the Solidarity Fund Initiative 2% of global GDP, Annually, to end hunger, alleviate extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit stop Global warming. Include a Proposed Coalition Government controlled Eco Planetarium Through a system of Digital Direct Democracy. For Which We request your support personnel for esta cause.

There will be no major solutions to the global problems unfunded intensive capital. This project will Have 500 billion U $ S to Come to the aid of the 17,000 children WHO die every day of hunger and lack of proper vaccination and the 800 million hungry and alleviate extreme poverty across the planet entering a new era of social justice THROUGHOUT the world.

Both the UN and NASA consistent reports predict the collapse of our civilization by 2050 UNLESS it Changes the political and socioeconomic system. It is not enough simply to limit Carbon Emissions. We must make a revolution on the Entire mechanism of production and consumption. For This fund required intensive capital. Ie 2% of GDP, provided by all countries of the world to solve the great common scourges, Given That They are Already out of monitoring and We have a picture of “planetary emergency”.

During 2014, 300 billionaires Have $ 3.7 trillion, more than 3,500 million people WHO fail Among all 2.2 billion.

ACCORDING TO UNICEF Those With less spread over only 2% of global GDP.

, According to Oxfam, the US and the EU They Consumed 9.2 billion Because of the crises of toxic loans, financing banks. With the world These funds Been HAD not hungry for 300 years.

Today 1% of the population accounts for 50% of overall wealth.

By 2030 there will be 9,000 million people, will consume 50% more oil and energy, you will need to produce 30% more food, water and Likewise, pollution will Have Risen to 440 ppm CO2 and temperature 1 we will cut as much as the size of France, it will Have lost 30% of species, fisheries depleted and will need two planets to survive. The growth of cities will occupy an equivalent to France, Germany and Spain average area, while there will be more than 2 million people per week.

The scientific consensus Predicts Rise of ocean only one meter by 2100. It does not Consider the release of vast gas hydrate deposits Arctic submarine methane, 30 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, and can raise the average temperature in 6th and 12th planet at the poles. Initiating a global thaw. If thawed Greenland waters will rise 7 meters, if it does Antarctica will be 80 meters … While other coastal cities is Invested in Improving squares and public spaces, Where everything will start to flood and lose property value by 2050 at the latest.


Your Highness, we humbly request sponsor Consider the Solidarity Fund Initiative 2% of GDP to end hunger, overpopulation and the global warming, by the Government Planetarium Eco Project, for Their children and the children of all the World inherit an Earth in Harmony with humanity.
This initiative has the support of the Association for the Environment and Against Climate Change Spain AMA http://www.medioambienteycambioclimatico.org/
People from the following Organizations support the Master Plan:

Archdiocesan Caritas Pelotas RS
GO Greens Japan
Caritas Interparroquial Cullera
Caritas Lodigiana
Caritas Ambrosiana _ Cantieri della solidarietà
SOP Lucca Croce Rossa Italiana
Licea Training Center
Hong Kong Freelancers Network
Waldron Saints
Caritas Assumption GOAT
Caritas Vorarlberg
Symmetries Social Inclusion
Caritas de Plasencia
Srijan TV
Baoding Mingshuo Manufacturing +
Pastoralsocial Hermosillo (Caritas)
Caritas of Propria
Arch. Roberto F. Gomes


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