2 percent for the planet = 2,139,439.4 million U $ S

Initiative of Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP, annually, for an immediate end to hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming, is like clockwork gear that is assembled on the heart of the world and urges him toward a new era of greater balance and Sustainable Development. Its implementation depends solely on the individual support that each person is able to give. Responds to a very concrete need is a rational equation and to reorganize the planet’s resources, enclosing the promise of a better future for all.

1. Overcrowding LIMIT: 1 child per family

The problem of pollution and global warming is a derivative that more and more human beings on the planet are. In 2050 we will be 12,000 million and 18,000 in 2100 and we will need that time almost equivalent to the natural resources of six planets to feed our voracious civilization. If the natural growth rate of population was maintained at 2% per annum, as happened in the 80’s of the last century for 2050 we would be 15,000 million and by 2100, 30 billion, while for 2840 would reach 14,745.6 billion human beings. Humanity then colonize need more than 1 million exoplanets to survive. Long before that happens, as the inhabitants of Easter Island, we will cut all the forest and killed all the animals and fish, so we are left without food to eat. The contradiction will have high technology and a packet of rice worth $ 1 million. Does the preventive solution? Making in all countries and in China: 1 child per family and penalize violations. This must be understood. Today overpopulation and consume resources equivalent to a year and a half planet. The Earth can sustain 5,000 million, and we have an excess of 2,000 million. We must proceed to balance consumer demand for vital resources in a coherent and long term.

2. plant 30 billion trees

They may be planted 30 billion new trees and then proceed to bury the logs, trapping the CO2 and returning the greenhouse gas underground and proceeding to an intelligent control of global climate, by regulating the free carbon dioxide in the atmosphere . By greening the world’s forests. The task is done by the multinational AEON of Japan with expertise in forest restoration, not to repeat the mistakes made with green credits. Global warming is becoming new forest areas suitable for frozen deserts of Northern Canada and Siberia, so it does not invade agricultural areas in the development of this project.


Also, they will have the games to take a historic decision, change the entire fleet and move to the hydrogen fuel engines and electric, leaving polluting the environment. There will be sufficient funding for this.

4. fusion reactors and Clean Energy

Progress is being made in the technology of compact fusion reactors. Counting on increased investment will be more rapid progress and may have abundant energy to replace thermal energy power stations that operate on the basis of oil and coal. This replacement reserves will allow the important petrochemical industry can last 500 years and not only until 2050 when the wells are exhausted. Also they intensify investments in so-called clean energy (wind and solar).

5. END HUNGER, extreme poverty and preventable deaths

With an annual budget of U $ S 500 billion a year will be possible to eradicate hunger forever, now plagues 800 million, to avoid the deaths of 17,000 children per day, or 6.3 million per year because of malnutrition and lack of adequate and end the punishment of extreme poverty vaccination. All people in the world have the right to a decent life.


Along with the advent of the Planetary Government will proceed to the creation of the peacekeeping force to intervene Green Helmets internationally on environmental issues. The major environmental reserves on Earth will of national jurisdiction to planetary, as the case of Amazonia and the large reserves of drinking water. Strategic resources are property of humanity and not the countries, being managed by a presidential coalition government.


Kofi Annan reported to the UN and UNICEF are deficient organizations, consumed by administrative costs 40% of the resources entering it. This means that of 10 people to be helped 4 die on the way. To correct this Private UNICEF will be created under an equation of administrative efficiency at a cost of 20%.


By a simple political decision can all communicate through a second language, using English in practice already adopted as an international language. If the measure is implemented within five years, all the inhabitants of Earth can speak the same second language.


Today digital technology allows us to move towards modern forms of Digital Direct Democracy for an integrated Scientific Committee Advisory Board. Electronic voting can be channeled through the e-mails from loyal numbers identity documents, protected with three keys inviolable security.

Thanks to the advancement in modern digital technologies is possible to move towards forms of direct democracy. This will end the era of political parties and corruption in the system of power.

The e-mails can evolve to support the electronic vote and the new mode can be financed if mail accounts are paid in principle from a dollar per month.

Emails must fidelizarse with the document number of each person. This will generate a cost and therefore the price of a dollar per month, which may be temporary. The giant Google may be conducting the pilot in the United States, ideal to experimentally develop direct digital democracy country.

No longer exist legislators or representatives of the people. This will be the vote directly the laws, members of the executive, police, military and judiciary, and will be previously advised by a Science Council. Also by direct vote they will be deposed from their functions irresponsible or corrupt officials.

Absolute power vested in Parliament, consisting of all the people who have access to electronic voting by Internet.

By law, media amend its contents, devoting 80% of them to training in science and art of users and the other 20% will be dedicated to entertainment. In the knowledge society, emergent, you will eventually have a concept of fundamental value and be educated not to be squandered on banalities. Mediocrity will be seen as the worst possible disease.

The change will be so dramatic that the new mentality and new freedoms, observe the previous era as a period of darkness and slavery.

10. Impersonate MONEY

Money is an abstract convention which represents the work or human energy. By goodwill it can accumulate interest on capital and thus multiply the money. Within a cyber society, money can be replaced directly by the actual value, ie the qualified time. This will eliminate the poor and millionaires while universalizing a middle class high standard of quality of life.

The electronic media allow devices such as cell, which can be used in bracelets or augmented reality glasses, serve as support for snapshots transactions.

The most creative individuals in society, will be those who will accumulate more credit and enjoy greater access to the various services. awareness will be awarded and there will be no more need to do business. With no more money, it will cease to be the main goal to accumulate. The new objectives will be patron of scientific and artistic merits.

All policyholders will have basic needs, according to their universal rights. Qualified by providing their community, time is an extra that gives them access to a higher level of assets. Recall that the workforce has been replaced by robots and artificial intelligence, in all repetitive tasks.

In turn, in the restructuring of world society, every citizen at birth shall enjoy the following rights guaranteed:

Total access to health

Total access to healthy food

Total free access to education

Total access to decent housing

Total access to decent work

Total government access to digitized


1 President

Parliament 1

1 Economics

1 System to replace money

1 Army

1 Constitution

1 Border

1 Integrating Consensus Total

2 Languages

Abolition of Extreme Poverty

Birth Control

United Nations is an inefficient organization to the needs of today’s world. A planetary government is required under a presidential form of executive. With renewable term of four years.

And the provinces do not enjoy absolute sovereign power within the new world organization, not all states have sovereign power, because there will be a new supranational structure that will become part.

This transfer of rights will naturally resisted by the factors of power who benefit from the current status quo, but evolution of history could never be stopped by the interests of minorities.

The integration of the World Parliament is directly with all citizens, using this digital technology.

In principle the president will planetary limited to global problems such as hunger, global warming, drug trafficking, environmental disasters etc., and will command the force of the Green Helmets concerns.

12. items for environmental disasters

They have a fund of U $ S 250 billion for environmental disasters and stocks of food, tents, mattresses and other items for use by refugees on every continent will be stored.

13. Habeas DATA

the software giant will be hired – Google and Microsoft in order to develop a system enabling online monitoring of every penny, since it is allocated or donated to its final destination. Any web user can track. Using a more advanced stage of the system will be possible to manipulate the Big Data to combat drug trafficking and organized corruption through centralized planetary administration.

14. decontaminated OCEAN FISHING AND BE SAVED

coastal cities will be funded to not pollute the sea. Stringent controls for ships not littering and controls over fishing grounds shall maximize marine life to be renewed, with the support of the naval forces of each coastal country will be imposed.

The brink

The technology to produce food is unlimited. To the extent that overcrowding will continue to increase food supplies become scarce. All this, with agrochemicals are degrading the fragile layer of humus on which we depend for crops. And sea level overfishing has depleted fishing grounds all the world. The future horizon is shaping up to 2050, when we are 12 billion widespread famine is permanent unless we apply intelligent preventive measures now. And the outlook for 2100, with 18 billion still … much worse. Just as we can not fail to act.

We cut the surface of Scotland per year. Amazon loses 18,000 hectares per hour, and when it becomes steppe, the CO2 content in their trunks raise the average temperature 1. The huge deposits of methane gas hydrates submarine in the Arctic Ocean are sufficient, when released into the atmosphere, for global temperature rise 6th and 12th at the poles, initiating a process of global thaw, a sea level rise of 80 meters. The entire peninsula of Florida in the United States, along with NASA and Miami, will disappear. The coastal cities will be under water, along with its industrial parks and ports, will be more than a billion simultaneous environmental refugees. Civilization and technology recede by lack of inputs. They shortage of food and drinking water. Methane is 30 times more efficient to cause the greenhouse effect. And it is already bubbling methane in Arctic submarine, the unstoppable feedback has begun and will accelerate as long as the temperature continues to rise. We have reached 400 ppm CO2 and when we break the 450 barrier will have 2nd most global temperature. Are we or not Planetary Emergency?

Hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation, global warming, pollution, environmental disasters, drug trafficking, corruption, beyond the capacity of existing national organizations. A new model is needed to meet the demands of global emergency on the planet. This Master Plan is a first attempt geared to that end. In all respects it is insufficient simply to limit carbon emissions. It is necessary and urgent to reorganize the resources and structures integrally planet. The diagnosis is that our civilization today as it is no longer suitable to continue therefore be adjusted, refined and change. Move to another model of organization. And where possible make the transition in the shortest period before beginning the natural feedbacks such as the release of methane deposits submarine.

In 2030 we will be 9,000 million according to the United Nations and will need two planets to be self-sufficient. Today we consume 87 million barrels of oil per day by 2030 will be 120 million, we reach the peak of consumption and wells begin to dry. That will end the industrial era based on oil and gas. By 2050 we will need to produce 12,000 million, 70% more food and we need three planets. The only rational solution is to limit and reduce the population, requiring that all families do not have more than one child. We have already exhausted the natural reserves of our world. We are too … If this Master Plan is implemented in no time and form, they will happen tragic consequences and die hundreds of millions, perhaps billions. Time will judge us. Meanwhile, the climate summits only serve for friendly gatherings, big meals and all kinds of pleasures, while great allowances at the expense of the people are paid … and are saying that we have only 15 years before the great problems begin to appear. Just a blink!


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