President of the Republic of Ecuador <>


Roberto, we inform you that we have received suggestions from them has been taken due note. Undersecretary of the Presidency
Global Solidarity <>

Dear Friends:

Infinitely we appreciate the courtesy of your kind reply. We take this opportunity to extend our warm greetings to Latin American brother and Lord President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado and congratulate him on his success.

We hope that the President may consider submitting on behalf of Ecuador Project Eco Planetary Government, to the UN. This is a rational alternative to ending hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming.

If the report of Dr. Hansen about more than just 1 to 8 meters ascend the oceans is right, this puts us in a “planetary emergency” and have the resources necessary capital intensive. For this we propose the Green Solidarity Fund 2% of global GDP annually, before it is too late. As a second alternative financing and fundraising estratregia Planetarium devised the Army, within the Eco Planetarium Coalition Government, which form part of the countries that adhere to it. The armed forces of all the world spent $ 2 billion per year. Through unification, the cost would be only a billion and other items may reallocate surplus billion. This workaround also ensure lasting peace in the whole world and we ensure global citizenship for all human beings equally, within a context of Global Digital Direct Democracy.

Greetings and thanks again
Arch. Robert F. Gomes


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