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c Position at COP16 as well as on the Kyoto Protocol"
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Dear Mr. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
We will be extremely grateful if you. You can kindly respond to our concerns. We promote the Solidarity Fund Green 2% of global GDP annually to immediately end the scourges of hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming. We also propose a centralized management of these resources in the form of a presidential mandate within a Eco Planetarium Coalition Government controlled under a system of Global Digital Direct Democracy. We believe this is the positive change that the world needs now.
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Eco Government Planetarium: United Nations implemented through the syste m of Digital Direct Democracy a plebiscite for the creation of a Planetary coalition government, for whose approval will have the vote of 50% plus one of the votes of all citizens enabled the world.

Such centralized government will incumbencies on global issues such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic natural reso urces, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, wars, human trafficking, the de fense of universal human rights , combating drug trafficking and corrupt ion.

It will have a budget equivalent to 2% of global GDP annually. The planetary president will mandate for 4 years and may be reelected for a second term. Parliament shall consist of all citizens of the globe through Direct Digital Democracy, assisted by a Science Council, composed of scientists.

The planetary government will have as a priority mission to eradicate hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and limit stop global warming in the immediate future.

E-mail Team, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan


Dear friends,Team Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan
Gentleness infinitely grateful for having recepcionado our e-mail.
The triple scourge of hunger, overpopulation and global warming must be addressed as a single problem and underfunded. We propose that the Solidarity Fund Green 2% of global GDP annually, to end in the short, medium and long term with these threats to the future of humanity.
We are confident that Japan can understand that this effort must be made and can support it.
Sir Nicholas Stern defined to be invested 1 GDP to slow global warming. We will increase 2% including the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty.
The United Nations Program for Environment (UNEP) proposed to allocate 2% of global annual GDP applied: 0.5% to sectors of natural capital (forests, agriculture, freshwater and fisheries); 1% on improving energy efficiency and using renewable energy (mainly applied to the construction, industry and transport), and the remaining percentage waste and public transport.
Counting on this budget may be planted 30 billion new trees per year and proceed to then bury the logs, trapping the CO2 and returning the greenhouse gas underground and proceeding to an intelligent control global climate, by regulating dioxide free carbon in the atmosphere. By greening the world’s forests. The task will be done by the multinational AEON of Japan with experience in forest restoration, not to repeat the mistakes made with green credits. (We cut per year at 15 billion trees).Also, they will have the items to make a historic decision, change the entire fleet and move to engines with hydrogen fuel and stop polluting the environment. There will be sufficient funding for this.


Arch Roberto F. Gomes


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