Planting 30 billion trees will allow CO2 capture, then burying the trunks and proceeding to an intelligent regulation of global climate


30 billion new trees per year can be planted and then bury the trunks, trapping the CO2 and returning this greenhouse gas to the subsoil and proceeding to an intelligent control of the global climate, by regulating the free carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Making the forests of the planet green. The task will be carried out by the multinational AEON of Japan with experience in recovery of forests, not to repeat the mistakes made with green credits. The work will be done as a team together with States, NGOs and individuals. Global warming is turning the frozen deserts of Canada and Northern Siberia into apt zones for new forests, so no agricultural areas would be invaded in the development of this project.
US $ 30 billion per year will be earmarked for this purpose. The Global Reforestation project will allow the transition from climate crisis to complete control of planetary climate through the regulation of free CO2 in the atmosphere. New techniques have been developed for massive plantings, using drones that seed-pack the suitable soils. So the recovery of forests can be done in the medium term and in the time of a generation to achieve Humanity intelligently interact with the global climate producing an average temperature suitable for the best sustainability.
There are 3 trillion trees on the planet. Before the industrial age there were 6. Half of the forest reserve remained and will be completed by the end of the century. There are an average of 422 trees per human being on Earth. Let’s take care of our forests!
15 billion trees are felled every year. Therefore, for a sustained recovery of forests and an intelligent fight against Global Warming, we must plant twice as much: 30 billion per year. And do so until free CO2 in the atmosphere decreases to 350 ppm. This is the simple and effective plan to Save the Planet, recommended by the world scientific community. Now start it!


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