Reduce the population of 100 million


Robots replace labor and that will enable the Zero Option
Selfishness FORCE


What is the number of inhabitants for all terrestrial ecosystems can usually be recycled for the next million years, using current technology based on oil?
And the answer is not more than 100 million people. This is the limit. Currently with an overpopulation of 7 billion, 99% surplus. This surplus is at an exponential rate squandering resources that could well be given to a future cycle of a million years. It added that if it could reduce population and stabilize hundred million, non-renewable resources such as hydrocarbons, rather than take 3-5 more decades, could be available for the next thousand years.
In terms of territory, 100 million can live perfectly in areas the size of France or Japan, without altering the life of the rest of the planet. Ie ecosystems may be renewed without problems caused by human interference.
Most of the current production system consumption, serves the gear overpopulation. But over 99%, it is not essential for the technological system going, especially when the IA and the Japanese cyber complete their development.
A military-technical-scientific society could be created in a short time, resources for this since they already exist. At the population level and not increase, people enjoy higher standards of living, simply because they will be less to divide more. And the work will be done by robots, so that the old system of capital-labor no longer exist, obliterating all the money and currency.
Let’s name the logic of this choice, A or Option Zero. Its application ensures the survival of civilization, mankind and terrestrial ecosystems in harmony for the next million years.
And there are two options in front of the picture of the situation, we will call B and C. According to the individual and collective actions will definitely activate one of the 3. A little later, we see the logic in decision-making by the superpowers ( United States, China and Russia).
1. Weakening of the Earth’s electromagnetic field that protects the area of ​​most intense solar infrared rays.
2. System in arctic permafrost soil continental melting rapidly by effect of heating and releasing large quantities of methane gas with greenhouse efficiency 30 times higher than CO2.
3. Melt larger areas of floating ice of the North Pole in summer, reducing the surface and width.
4. Temperature increase in Arctic waters that can determine the release of large deposits of submarine methane gas. If this happens, as stated in the National Geographic documentary average global temperature could rise between 4 to 6 more, producing the overall thawing of both poles.
5. The burning of the Amazon may release enough CO2 content in the jungle logs up to 1 plus the average global temperature.
6. The oceans are reaching the saturation limit absorption of CO2 and are beginning to be acidified, a phenomenon that has destroyed 50% of the coral systems.
7. Why are there more earthquakes and eruptions? According to NASA the planet since 2004 went on to retain more solar energy than it returns to outer space. This has broken the balance of all terrestrial energy system, which may include the system of tectonic plates and mantle.
8. insists on publishing in the media that ocean waters will rise only 1 to 2 meters by 2100. These versions do not consider Antarctica thaw at high speed, when combined, as they are doing, all systems that feedbacks then they are unstoppable. To break the barrier of 450 ppm CO2-free in the atmosphere, it may be reaching the first meter of rise for 2020 to 2050. Especially considering that the real cause of warming is overpopulation, to the extent increases in quantity and in quality of life, twice per decade at least, their energy consumption. The huge contradiction is that the so-called development, ends in destruction of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources. Which condemns the new generation to shortages and tragedy.
Explain in simple and easy, that our existence on Earth requires us to know only 3 options. They may seem inhuman or apocalyptic. But as they say commonly in Argentina, “it is what you get.” We arrived at this because they were lost over 35 years rarefied messianic discussions or actions as those of Al Gore. We create the trap, we went inside and Humanity, closed the door and threw the key out of reach. What we are now left only these 3 options.
Let’s see what it is now:
A. or Zero Option. Reduce the current overcrowding hundred million just by applying a scale reengineering of the present civilization. To make this a super virus, which once released could eliminate over 6,900 million of the world population would be used. While an elite of 100 million between technical, scientific and military with a maximum age between 30 to 40 years, would take shelter in bunkers fallout already have the superpowers in the United States, Russia and China. There simply would wait for the supervirus disappear, to finish the number of victims or potential hosts. The reconstruction of civilization, from that moment, would be based on never exceed the limit of one hundred million total world population, not to repeat the same box above situation.
B. Reduce overcrowding voluntarily total one billion by 2100, by prohibiting pregnancy during periods of 10-20 years. This measure, along with intensive development of alternative energies would return the balance between human activity and nature. The effort required is high, the great sacrifices, but the cold and inhuman logic of the zero option would be avoided. This equilibrium model could last a thousand years. Enough time to create new alternatives.
C. Continue as before, without taking action on the merits and allow Global Warming advance and destroy agricultural zones, triggering widespread famine. At present more than 800 million people go hungry, about a seventh of the total world population. According to the variables taken for measurements, overpopulation will be 15,000 to 30,000 million in 2100. It will be impossible to feed everyone, even a small part. If option A is inhumane, the C is suicidal.


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