A counter-clockwise and last more than 36 hours since officially ended the Lima Summit, we were able to sign an agreement avoiding another failure. A minimum agreement and weak, but about facing positions to reach an agreement in Paris 2015.

The call of Lime for Climate Action invited countries to include voluntary commitments to reduce emissions and economic contribution to the Green Fund by October 2015. Once the countries deliver their commitments, the president of the French summit It has just over a month to process and incorporate a binding global agreement to reduce emissions and achieve not exceed the threshold temperature of 2 degrees.

The so-called dilute responsibility, ie that each country sets its targets for reducing emissions on a voluntary basis, resulting in no one can ensure that the level of reductions sufficient scope to avoid exceeding the threshold temperature of 2 degrees.

So far the Green Fund has added 10,000 million dollars 100,000 countries pledged to invest


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