Billions of people will die. No way to stop climate change. This is what James Lovelock concludes in his latest book “Tha Vanishing Face of Gaia”. But for some life on Earth will continue (albeit moderate) high-tech paradise islands and ecolológica refining; We have learned to live in communion with the planetary intelligence and in harmony with the environment.

James Lovelock gained notoriety for being the first to formulate a theory in which a deep insight into human thought is addressed: that the planet is alive and is in itself a complex organism. Lovelock formulated this hypothesis, which today is already a theory while working as a consultant for NASA in the decade of the 60’s.

Moreover, Jame Lovelock invented the electron capture detector, which allowed the detection of toxic components in regions as remote as Antarctica. The work of Mario Molina, who took him to the Nobel prize, was inspired by the work of Lovelock. In recent years, Lovelock has been established as one of the more radical voices of awareness of climate disaster that we avecinamos.

Lovelock believes that by 2100, 80% of humanity will perish and only some couples progenitor may survive in the Arctic where the climate is tolerable. Then we feed them food synthesized CO2, nitrogen, water and some minerals. Some amino acids and simple sugars can be used to feed some animals.

The situation of “Spaceship Earth” is ominous, since according to Lovelock have reached an impasse: a massive carbon reduction, to also reduce the density of particles AEREOSOL could paradoxically be lethal.

“If 100% fossil fuels were reduced, it could come back hot and not cold. We live in a crazy weather. We are damned if we continue burning fuel and we are damned if we stop suddenly. ”

The pessimistic view contrasts with the charged Lovelock has received the recently passed Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade. In which some see a legitimate inteto the Obama administration for tackling the problem of climate change. To Lovelock and Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth this law is totally inadequate.

“Carbon trading, with its huge government subsidies, is just what they want finance and industry. It will not solve climate change nothing, but generate a lot of money for many people and time to grieve postpondrá “says James Lovelock.

Lovelock said that all the supercomputers in the IPPC (International Panel on Climate Change) have underestimated all indicators of climate change trends. Particularly in the case of sea level rise, which has doubled the IPCC predictions.

The sea level is for Lovelock most significant indicator of climate change. Since there are an enormous number of variables and a host of complex interactions within the system of Gaia (the Earth), Lovelock argues that it is better to concentrate on observing the oceans monitor annual fluctuations in temperature. “Sea level is the true thermometer of global warming,” says Lovelock.

According to Lovelock, the Earth, like evolution itself, does not behave in a linear way, but suffers discontinuities and great leaps in our way: “The history of the Earth and simple climate models based on the notion of a living planet and responsive suggest that the sudden and surprising change is more possible that the smooth upward curve tempertura predicting most of the models for the next 90 years. ”

In Lovelock’s Gaia theory states that the Earth is a superorganism, composed of a living network of agencies through their interaction they make the delicate balance of nature. Lovelock’s vision (whose name translated into Spanish means curl or intertwining of love) the planet is a living being possibly intelligent (their intelligence is the same evolution), a unit of which all forms of life are, that is reproduce through self-referentially autopoiesis and regulates to keep homeostasis. Lovelock theory follows a new version of the old understanding of the Earth as a kind of maternal goddess. In this case a goddess living complex biological evolutionary processes through their interaction with the species generated.

The reality is that nobody quite knows how long it can push aand model of life, particularly if we want to keep the lavish lifestyle that takes a small part of the population, always putting drastic economic measures that will significantly transform the global model reasons, procrastination so characteristic of human beings. It certainly seems that can not last forever and that even the collision approaches, the catastrophe of natural resources or the awakening of the telluric fury in the form of disasters naturales.Todas global warming predictions are made through computer models that hard They can include all the factors of such a complex system like the one we inhabit. We do not have a foolproof scientific model, and could even be the most advanced human science fails to cover the possible transformations of our planetary interaction with the universe. But we do not want to be apocalyptic, because life in some way or another, with or without us, follows (the possibilities are endless: in one of them we are indivisible part of universal consciousness). Perhaps it would be wiser to adapt and try to harmonize with the planet where we can not keep us nothing out, confident in our ability (whether or not the latest, the future could change) and to that extent we will shelter the endless skein Life and Gaia responds to our sincere effort. So you do not have to say goodbye to the blue sky of our planetary ship, as Lovelock says:

“To survive and exist in a way that leads to an evolution beyond us, toward a wise and intelligent animal: a possibility.”


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