The cause of global warming is on governments


Why the world is as it is today? Very simple, there is a system of power that sustains and dehumanized diary becomes possible concatenated with taking decisions within a consumer market that is destroying the planet’s finite resources. So there are responsible. They are public authorities, the media and public opinion ultimately scientific information. Members of this system allow 17,000 children die per day, 800 million go hungry and the world toward environmental tragedy.
The urgency to buy and sell, support employment and the value of currencies make us forget what it is to care elementary survival in the medium and long term. We are not used to scan the horizon. We believe that technological happiness will last us forever and we do not consider that if the grains and proteins us we were just missing everything quickly.
We see that Nature is giving us serious warnings about climate change in Advent. Already more than 400 ppm of free CO2 in the atmosphere, something that did not happen in the last 650,000 years. We have more than 1º C average global temperature. The oceans have already risen 20 centimeters and according to Dr. James Hansen if it rises 1 ° C over the temperature, the water will climb to 8 meters covering all coastal cities. There are already about 500 Arctic submarine vents where bubbles of methane gas hydrates on the ocean floor, which if released fully global temperature will jump by up to 6 ° C more. And missing, more 3º C and enough phytoplankton stop producing oxygen and survival of animals and humans comes at risk.
In such a situation not have to decide 7.400 million. Only 200 presidents. These are responsible for the life and welfare of all mankind. These are responsible for we have not yet replaced the energy matrix from oil and coal to renewable energy, because it does not invest extensively in new fusion reactors because not we implement an emergency plan to plant 30 billion new trees to capture CO2 and then burying the trunks, for lack solidarity funds to end hunger, disease and extreme poverty across the globe. They are the first and only responsible for the state of things in the world, not to make the right and timely decisions.


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