El nuevo acuerdo sobre el clima (FTP):El-acuerdo-de-la-Cumbre-del-Clima-en-Paris

The COP21 concludes on a note of historical significance, in contrast to the shelve and fiasco of the Copenhagen summit six years ago. Despite the ambivalence of environmental groups, the general feeling was successful to a 31-page text and legally binding for the first time brings together the world’s commitment to “keep the temperature increase below 2 degrees to preindustrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees “. They are 196 governments that assume this commitment.
It will launch a funding mechanism than 100,000 million dollars a year for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The text must be ratified by all countries next spring, will come into force until 2020 and will be reviewed every five years for countries to update their commitments and reduction targets are set.
The commitments announced before the summit are in any case insufficient. The maximum head of the UN Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, said then that the proposed targets would lead to an increase in temperature of 2.7 degrees and urged countries more effort.
The commitment to the multilateral cop21 is, there is no centralized controller that ensures world reach the goal of zero net emissions body.
The fund of 100 billion dollars per year is symbolic, an earthquake or a major hurricane caused damage that sum.
2020 is expected to contaminate another 5 years and draw us further to 450 ppm of free CO2 in the atmosphere and risk a sudden release of huge deposits of gas hydrates Arctic submarine methane.
We hold that the correct equation to climate challenge is:

1. Eco Government Planetarium

2Digital Direct Democracy Coalition

 3. Solidarity Global Green Fund 2% of global GDP annually

4. Planting 30 billion trees per year CO2 capture in the logs and then proceed to bury them.

5. Accelerate fusion reactors Limit

6. Finish humanely overpopulation hunger and extreme poverty.




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