By 2030 there will be 9 billion people, 50% more oil and energy will be consumed, 30% more food and a similar amount of drinking water will be needed, pollution will have risen to 450 ppm CO2 and the 1st temperature, we will have Cut as much as the surface of France, will have lost 10% of the species, the depleted fishing grounds and we will need 2 planets to survive. The growth of cities will occupy an area equivalent to France, Germany and half Spain, while there will be 2 million more people per week. But, we will be colonizing Mars and there will be robots …

Unfortunately our proposal still finds mental resistance to be accepted as a correct and rational, if not unique and effective equation to solve immediately the climate problem, that of hunger, extreme poverty and other planetary emergencies. The asymmetries of the multilateral actions of the governments, individually, will prevent to arrive at time with the preset goals.

We have contacted almost 150 governments directly through e-mails and an equal number of embassies, we have repeated the same with legislators, scientists, politicians, universities and almost a thousand environmental organizations.

The truth is that there is still little global and individual ecological awareness. All live the moment and do not see how the dramatic deterioration of the environment advances. With the COP21 Paris Summit this became evident, all the green movements of the planet could not add more than 1 million activists. The rest of the immense population lives narcotized by the honeys of consumption.

The essential question is how much time we have. We had a first serious warning in July 2012 when 97% of the surface of Greenland was thawed during a heat wave that lasted for 4 days. As the global temperature increases, this will be repeated more extensively.

There will inevitably come a dramatic change over the global ecosystem. Is it gradual or abrupt? This is the crux of the matter. There is no one hundred percent sure scientific answer on this. Scientists first claimed that only 1 meter would rise the oceans by 2100. Then Climate Central provided a detailed report with climbs of up to 7 meters with a 3 ° C increase in average temperature. And Dr. James Hansen maintains that it is enough 1 C for water to rise to 8 meters. In case it is missing in more than 500 submarine chimneys is bubbling submarine methane. If everything in the Arctic bed is released into the atmosphere, the temperature will shoot at 6 ° C and 12 ° C on both poles. It is a situation where everything can happen.

What is prudent and logical is to make a maximum effort to stop pollution and decontaminate to return to 350 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. For that we propose the planting of 30 billion fast-growing trees to capture carbon dioxide in the trunks and then bury them. For you to have results you have to start now. And the second step is to invest intensively in fusion reactors to accelerate their technology making it feasible to replace the energy matrix in the short term.

Sir Nicholas Stern said that the 1 st of GDP should be invested to curb global warming. We increase it to 2% including the eradication of hunger and extreme poverty.

To make this effort in the short and medium term, success is only possible through concentration of resource management. That is why the proposal of the Eco Planetary Government and a change of consciousness through Global Direct Digital Democracy.

The architect RGF has designed a Master Plan to Save the Planet that includes a Solidary Green Fund of 2% of the GDP on an annual basis, to end forever with the scourge of hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming. To which is added the proposal of an Eco Planetary Government (EGP) and forms of Direct Digital Democracy along with the impersonation of the money for the qualified time. On these core issues, so far there are political meetings, there are talk of limitations on greenhouse gas emissions, but there is no Plan to reorganize the planet’s resources. We present this strategy and submit it to public debate.

EGP, a project purely Argentine, of an Argentine, for the benefit of all Humanity and for a world in harmony with Nature.

Regarding the current international order and the space of initiative that the individual States have to adopt this proposal, it has the objective of being exposed within the United Nations and voted by all the countries and in the case of obtaining the majority will proceed To its immediate implementation.

The precedent is the 2007 initiative -favapropiedades.com- against Global Warming, which prompted a note of support from then-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and was called PORTALS AND HUMAN UNION FOR STOP THE GLOBAL WARMING NOW! RGF conceived the Master Plan consisting of the Coalition Planetary Eco Government, the Solidarity Green Fund of 2% of the world GDP, Global Direct Digital Democracy and the World Bank. Impersonation of Money for Qualified Time. This strategy allows for a Positive Change over the entire planetary production-consumption system, causing a retroaction of accelerating evolution over civilization, within a contextual model of optimal reorganization of resources and greater guarantee of generalized security and peace.

Planet in crisis: 1% of the population owns 50% of the total wealth. 800 million go hungry. 17,000 children die every day. Amazonia loses 18,000 hectares per hour. We scaled the surface of Scotland a year. 50% of corals were lost. Already 1 1/2 Planets are needed. CO2 rose to 400 ppm. Underwater methane escapes and the temperature at the poles can rise 12º and the oceans ascend 80 meters. In 2050 we will be 12 billion and we will need 3 planets.

There is a Plan to Save the Planet: This consists of the Solidary Fund of 2% of the world GDP, annually, to end hunger, overpopulation and Global Warming. This Master Plan was designed by the architect RGF, who drives this initiative worldwide.

These monies are equivalent to 2,139,439.4 million US $. Enough to eradicate world hunger and extreme poverty. End the preventable deaths of 17,000 children per day. Stop the pump from overpopulation, the cause behind all the current problems, as it is what makes the demand for consumption and pollution grow.


Our actions in the immediate decades to come may involve the risk of a disruption of economic and social activity for the rest of this century and the next on a scale similar to that of the Great Wars and the Great Depression. This is the conclusion of the report of the economist Sir Nicholas Stern commissioned by the UK government and published on 30 October 2006.

Its main conclusions are that an investment equivalent to 1% of world GDP is needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and that if this investment is not made the world would be exposed to a recession that could reach 20% of global GDP. The report also suggests the imposition of ecotaxes to minimize socio-economic imbalances.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) proposed to allocate 2% of the annual global GDP applied: 0.5% to sectors of natural capital (forests, agriculture, freshwater and fisheries); 1% to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (mainly applied to construction, industry and transport), and the remaining percentage to waste and public transport.

With this budget, 30 billion new trees per year can be planted and then bury the trunks, trapping the CO2 and returning this greenhouse gas to the subsoil and proceeding to an intelligent control of the global climate, by regulating the dioxide Of free carbon in the atmosphere. Making the forests of the planet green. The task will be carried out by the multinational AEON of Japan with experience in recovery of forests, not to repeat the mistakes made with green credits. (We cut every year at the rate of 15 billion trees).

They will also have the items to make a historic decision, change the entire fleet of vehicles and switch to engines with hydrogen fuel and stop polluting the environment. There will be enough funding for this.

It will be possible to combat drug trafficking and corruption with the coordination of a coalition government with powers assigned to the goal of eradicating the great common evils, and chosen and controlled through a system of Direct Digital Democracy. It will be limited to global issues, such as natural reserves that will cease to belong to national jurisdictions and will pass to the planetary administration, as in the case of Amazonia.

Kofi Annan denounced that the UN and UNICEF are poor organizations, consuming at administrative cost 40% of the resources that they enter. This means that every 10 people to be helped 4 die on the road. To correct this, UNICEF Private will be created under an administrative efficiency equation at a cost of 20%.
As a candidate for first planetary president Global Solidarity, he proposes the state’s ecologist leader, former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Other candidates may emerge from the global consensus. The existence of global funds creates the need for an administrative superstructure and hence the move towards Coalition Planetary Government.

By a simple political decision we can all communicate through a second language, using in practice the English that is already adopted as an international language. If the measure is implemented within 5 years, all the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to speak the same second language.

Today digital technology allows us to move towards modern forms of Direct Digital Democracy with an Advisory Board made up of a Committee of Scientists. Electronic voting can be channeled through loyalty e-mails based on identity document numbers, protected with three inviolable security keys.

Robotics will replace labor by 2025. This will break the old capital-labor relationship. To resolve the contradiction, the money will be replaced by qualified time.

The most hopeful of these measures is that nothing prevents us from taking this momentous step. We must only consciously raise and petition the authorities country by country and the United Nations. If the people want the people can.


In order to integrate 2% of world GDP, new taxes can be imposed or reallocated. $ 1 trillion is available in subsidies to the oil, coal, and gas sector on an annual basis. And the armies of the planet consume 2 trillion dollars per year. Having a planetary army would save 1 billion.


In September 2000, 189 countries signed the United Nations Millennium Declaration [A / RES / 55/2], which pledged to eradicate extreme poverty in all its forms by 2015. In order to help Progress towards these commitments, a set of specific and quantified targets and targets, called the Millennium Development Goals, were established to combat poverty in its many dimensions, including Hunger, disease, environmental degradation and gender discrimination. Among its goals is to halve, between 1990 and 2015, the percentage of people whose income is less than $ 1 a day … The problem is that countries fail to meet their commitments and all funds do not reach UNICEF. Meanwhile, 17,000 children per day die from hunger and for lack of vaccination, 6.3 million per year (http://www.childmortality.org/). The Solidarity Fund Program increases economic aid from 0.7% to 2% of the global GDP and is supported by law in each country. With these greater resources, it will be possible to eradicate 50% of extreme poverty by 2015, but the total of the same throughout the planet and attend to the emergency determined by Climate Change with concrete actions.

If every free citizen of the world, using its share of power, becomes aware of the Global Positive Change that will come upon all our societies, implementing the Solidarity Fund of 2% of GDP, we will achieve a fairer, healthier and peaceful planet for the present And for future generations.

Bill: We, the free citizens of the world, in full exercise of our powers, ordered our representatives before the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches, to approve an Act of adhesion to this International Initiative – the Solidary Fund of 2% of GDP Which aims to solve extreme poverty, overpopulation and global warming as a key priority. Through this Law, the Nation adheres to the Planetary Emergency Declaration and the implementation of a rate of 0.3% on the international and national financial system, in order to raise not less than 2,139,439.4 million US $ Per year (among all nations that sign this agreement). If this rate were insufficient, an 8% tax on the profits of the oil companies operating in the country will be applied, and if this is not enough, it will be used to raise up to 5% of the net profit of the multinationals.

The funds will be administered by the Kennedy Funding in the first instance and then by the Coalition Planetary Eco Government. Mr Barak Obama (NAFTA), Kofi Annan (Africa), Prince Charles (United Kingdom), Hisahito (Asia-Japan), Abdul Kalam (Asia-India) are appointed as associate presidents of GreenMoney Funding, who will centralize the funds. ), King Abdullah II (Middle East) and Bachelet (Latin).
By popular consultation citizens will vote if it agrees with the formation of a Planetary Government, under presidential form of executive power, renewable every four years, with limited responsibilities to solve global problems. And it will also decide to develop the means to move to immediate forms of Direct Digital Democracy, supplanting the current model of representation, integrated with a Council of Sciences.

The software giants – Google and Microsoft – will be hired to develop a system that enables online monitoring of every cent of the dollar, from the date it is allotted or donated, to its final destination. Anyone on the web can follow up.

We are faced with an extraordinary situation, in which it is necessary to appeal to alternative channels to expedite and expedite the management that is necessary. Such urgency is as follows:

“Preventing the temperature to rise more than two degrees Celsius is not enough,” concluded Dr. James Hansen, a climate change expert and former NASA scientist. According to his study published in the scientific journal European Geoscience Union, 1st degree of global warming can be catastrophic for humanity, because in only 50 years sea level will increase by 3 to 8 meters.

* This report, once collated and confirmed by the scientific community, modifies the situation with respect to climate change and places us in a situation of Planetary Emergency since we are close to reaching 1 º more global average temperature. Hence the need to carry out urgent and intensive measures such as the Solidarity Fund of 2% of the world GDP and the Planetary Eco Government. We are facing a global flood picture, where by 2030 we will reach 1 more than average temperature and the first 30 centimeters of oceanic elevation. To avoid this it is necessary to move to zero net emissions by 2025, replacing the entire energy matrix. For this, we need to have capital-intensive funds and a political and economic coordination, in ecological matters, on all countries at the global level.


Eco Planetary Government: The United Nations will implement a plebiscite for the creation of a Coalition Planetary Government through the Direct Digital Democracy system, for which approval will be counted on the vote of 50% plus one of the votes of all the world’s qualified citizens.

Such a centralized government will be responsible for global issues such as climate change, environmental disasters, vital and strategic natural resources, disease, hunger, extreme poverty, war, human trafficking, the defense of universal human rights , The fight against drug trafficking and corruption.

It will count on a budget equivalent to 2% of the global GDP, on an annual basis. The planetary president will have a mandate for 4 years and may be re-elected for a second term. The Parliament will be made up of all the citizens of the globe through Direct Digital Democracy, advised by a Council of Sciences, made up of scientists.

The planetary government will have as a priority mission to eradicate hunger, extreme poverty, limit overpopulation and curb global warming in the immediate.


With 2% of the global GDP, on an annual basis, it will be possible to:
1. Abolish Extreme Poverty in the Whole Earth, Forever
2. No child will die of hunger and avoidable diseases.
3. Reverdecer the forests, will plant 30 billion trees per year.
44. Technology will be renewed to stop contamination.
5. The automotive fleet will be replaced by another one with hydrogen.
6. Alternative energies will be developed to replace oil and coal.
7. The oceans will be decontaminated.
8. It will save Amazonia.
9. Overcrowding will be limited.
10. There will be matches for environmental catastrophes.
11. Terrorism will be combated.
12. International drug trafficking will be combated.
13. Crime and organized corruption will be dismantled.
14. Ecosystems will be preserved.

With an Eco Coalition Planetary Government, in which countries will be added progressively, there will be a single Army at a cost of 1 trillion dollars / year in total and the national armies will be dissolved. This will save about $ 1 trillion more per year, as the armed forces of the countries as a whole spend almost 2 trillion per year. At the same time world peace will be definitely assured.

1. 500 billion US $ / year to eradicate hunger, diseases and alleviate extreme poverty.
2. 100 billion US $ / year to plant 30 billion trees per year and capture CO2 in the trunks and regulate the climate.
3. 250 billion US dollars to urgently accelerate the development of fusion reactors and replace the energy matrix based on hydrocarbons and coal.
4. 100 billion US $ / year to decontaminate the oceans and recover the fishing grounds.
5. 3 billion US $ / year to develop technology for the diversion of asteroids that can impact the Earth.
6. Billion US $ / year for the development of the NASA warp boost ship
7. One trillion US $ / year to finance the Planetary Army that will replace the nationals.
8. US $ 250 billion for environmental catastrophes.
If these ideas are understood in their rational basis, the benefits can be applied and obtained. It is very important for the political and scientific community to express an opinion about this plan and vision. There are now two paths: 1) wait 100 years to solve problems; 2) resolve them now by responsibly taking on the challenges of the hour.

What is needed for this Global Positive Change?

The Master Plan must be exhibited and discussed at the United Nations. Then to convene a world plebiscite to approve by simple majority the creation of the Eco Planetary Coalition Government and the system of Direct Digital Democracy Global. All of us will thus guarantee participation in the perfection of a new world of freedoms and responsibilities at the service of planetary citizens.

Undoubtedly reducing carbon emissions is a good thing for the health of the planetary environment, but achieving zero net emissions and proceeding to decontaminate is much better.

The problem today with climate change summits is that politicians are mentalized with the equation of not exceeding 2 ° centigrade more global average temperature. This threshold was popularized by scientist James Hansen, who now warns us that this is not enough and that it is enough to raise the temperature 1º more so that the oceans ascend between 3 to 8 meters in less than 50 years, as they did In the Eeminian period, about 100 thousand years ago.

Reacting and applying the new information amounts to an investment of hundreds of billions of dollars per year. If this is not done all coastal cities will irreversibly be flooded. And the economic damage will amount to an impact of $ 100 trillion in losses and a cost effect of $ 10 trillion per year from Global Warming by 2050 (10% of global GDP).

From GSI, Global Solidarity, we propose the Green Solidarity Fund of 2% of the global GDP to solve the problem of global warming together with the problem of hunger and extreme poverty. It is an effort that must be made between all countries and thus ensure the future in peace for all.

At the Argentina level, Dr. Hansen’s prediction places us in front of a scenario for 2030 with 1 st more global average temperature and half a meter of oceanic elevation. Under this condition the properties on the coast will be worthless. Already by 2050 the waters will rise 8 meters and about 10 million Argentineans must be evacuated. At the same time the climate for the region will have become more hostile and the pampean region will tend to become semi-desert, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars in crops. Adding this to the real estate losses in cities flooded along the entire coastline, the minimum impact will then be around $ 500 billion.

* The US $ 2,139,439.4 million will be raised among all the countries of the globe.

1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2.To achieve universal primary education
3.Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment
4.Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure the sustainability of the environment
8. Develop a global partnership for development

To help make this change come true, send us your full name, your document number and your e-mail, as well as the data of your country and city where you live. Include your ideas to help improve the Master Plan.


Your NGO or your company plays a vital role in making this Master Plan a reality. First, you and your co-workers must realize that if Humanity manages to take this step, capital-intensive funds will be available to tackle the major scourges, such as hunger, extreme poverty, overpopulation, pollution, global warming, Environmental catastrophes and drug trafficking. There will be a new global organization of resources and we will all benefit directly and indirectly. Earth will be fairer for all.

If your activity is politics you must be able to understand that without a more balanced world and in harmony with natural resources, there can be no sustained long-term progress for any country. We must assume, among all our share of responsibility on the planet. Intensive funds are needed to address global problems and we must take care to provide them effectively and continuously over time. It is not enough to turn off the lights of cities for presidents to take charge of climate change, the urgent and necessary thing is to support and approve the Solidarity Fund Law of 2% of the world GDP, country by country, creating a new planetary consciousness and Therefore a new society.

For the Master Plan to succeed adóptalo among the goals of your organization. Send e-mails, collect signatures, get the support of your local community. The expansion of the idea must progress house by house.

· Creation of the NGO Committee on Cooperation and Universal Volunteers of the Solidarity Fund.
· Call for the presentation of NGO programs to eradicate hunger, diseases and poverty on the planet, funded by the Solidarity Fund.
· Use of the greatest technological and human resources to end hunger, overpopulation and Global Warming.
· Projects of political and humanitarian forms to generate the desired Global Positive Change.
· Study of strategies to obtain the support of the majority of the population and entities to the Solidarity Fund

* We request that by way of adhesion your company send us a logo to publish it on the Solidarity Fund page. We believe that this is the most just, urgent and humanitarian cause of the present and that you will think like us. Send us your comments and observations to perfect this Master Plan. For now is the only rational choice to avoid collective suicide. Support the initiative!
This initiative has the support of the Association for the Environment and Against Climate Change AMA of Spain http://www.medioambienteycambioclimatico.org/

People from the following organizations support the Master Plan:
Caritas Archidiocesana Pelotas RS
GO Greens Japan
Caritas Interparroquial Cullera
Caritas Lodigiana
Caritas Ambrosiana _ Cantieri della solidarietà
SOP Lucca Croce Rossa Italiana
Licea Training Center
Hong Kong Freelancers Network
Waldron Saints
Caritas Asunción CABRA
Caritas Vorarlberg
Symmetries Social Inclusion
Diocesan Caritas of Plasencia
Srijan TV
Baoding Mingshuo Manufacture of Electrical Equipment S.L
Pastoralsocial Hermosillo (Caritas)


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