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On a humanitarian and environmental level, the “2% FOR THE PLANET” campaign and the Planetary Eco Government are the axis of the global solution to the triple scourge of hunger, overpopulation and global warming.
Only with long-term and capital-intensive funds will there be a definitive solution to the great and serious global problems affecting all of humanity. And to coordinate the world’s tasks requires a centralized system like the model of Planetary Eco Government under Global Direct Digital Democracy advised by a Council of Sciences composed of scientists.
In that sense we have invited the leaders of Greenpeace, WWF, Oxfam, c40 Cities, CDP Disclosure Insight Action, CAN Climate Action Network, Fundación Avina, The Climate Group and We Mean Business to join this crusade.
We can not know if they will listen to our request and arguments. If we know that they can not deny that our cause unifies all environmental and humanitarian causes and gives them a sense and hope for a better tomorrow.
One problem that exists today with Global Warming and the injustice of hunger and extreme poverty is that we have become accustomed to these anomalies and we no longer pay attention to them. If we add all the environmentalists and volunteers we do not surpass the million people in the world. It is one of the reasons why aid is insufficient.

According to Oxfam 1 in 3 people in the world lives in poverty. To change this through the “2% FOR THE PLANET” Plan, equivalent to 2 trillion dollars per year, will invest 500 billion dollars per year to eradicate hunger, pandemics and alleviate extreme poverty throughout the Earth .
In addition, 30 billion trees per year will be planted to capture CO2 in the trunks and later to bury them to return to 350 ppm of this greenhouse gas and return to global climate normalcy. And it will be heavily invested in fusion reactors to replace the energy matrix in the thermoelectric plants, instead of burning oil, gas and coal. It will go on to manufacture electric cars and hydrogen.
All this is possible … If we all support this Positive World Change