Polar Bear Malnourished


The photographer specializing in Arctic species, Kerstin Langenberger, posted on his Facebook a picture of an extremely thin female polar bear and called attention to the danger to the animal due to global warming.

“I’ve seen bears in good condition, but I’ve also seen dead or undernourished species. Bears walking on the shore looking for food, trying to hunt moose, eating eggs of birds, moss and algae, and I realize that the big bears are almost always male, “described the photographer in his message.

Posting on Facebook has thousands “Like”, and the story has been taken up by several international media.

Langenberger noted that although experts say the pobación of polar bears is stable, global warming is happening and feels great extent in the Arctic.

“Maybe we will not save this bear, but every little action to do to change, could be a step in the right direction,” he said in his publication.



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